The W.O.W. Project | 店面 Storefront Residency Manager & Part-time Graphic Designer

Wing on Wo & Co. is the oldest operating storefront in Manhattan/Lenape Land Chinatown, with Mei Lum as the 5th-generation owner. Mei also is the Founder and Director of the W.O.W. Project, who’s mission is to sustain ownership over Chinatown's future by growing, protecting and preserving Chinatown's creative culture through arts, culture and activism.

Recently, we released our Annual Report Fiscal Year 2018, celebrating our 3rd year of programming.

From 2018-2019 I worked with our 3rd Artist-in-Residence, Vincent Chong, a queer, mixed-race calligrapher and bookmaker. They used their residency to focus on themes of queer representation through art on paper and the potential for these materials to create and add to a lineage of queer history. We also collaborated with Huiying B. Chan, a queer poet and community organizer on a series of writing workshops for queer folx of color.


From 2017-2018 I worked with our 2nd Artist-in-Residence, Emily Mock. My responsibilities included assisting Emily in producing and developing her community-oriented workshops, which would contribute towards her final window display, W.O.W. Shadow Puppet Theater, during the Lunar New Year of the Earth Dog. 

I created all the graphics and overall identity for promoting Emily's workshops to align with her window display concept, which revolve around the ancient Chinese practice of shadow puppetry. 

W.O.W. Shadow Puppet Theater is a community project centered on the question “what do you do to sweep away evil?” From October 2017 through February 2018, 店面 Storefront Artist-in-Residence Emily Mock held workshops in the Wing On Wo studio and Columbus Park (Manhattan), teaching paper cutting and shadow puppetry. Participants made their own puppets and devised short plays based on a memory, practice, tradition, or imaginary about how they sweep away evil for themselves and their communities. These recorded plays are featured in a month-long window installation at Wing On Wo & Co. facing onto Mott Street in Chinatown.
— Emily Mock